Tapered Insulation

Tapered Insulation

What is tapered insulation?

Tapered insulation, or it is also know as “cut to falls” insulation, is rigid foam or high density rockfibre insulation, fabricated to create a gentle slope on a flat roof. The slope, or fall, enables rain water to drain towards the roof outlets.

Older flat roofs frequently have problems with standing or “ponding” water due to inadequate drainage. Installing tapered insulation provides a cost effective solution with the added bonus of enhancing the thermal performance of the building.

In newly built constructions, having a cut to falls insulation scheme helps futureproof the roof. Tapered insulation eliminates problems with standing water and fitting a sufficient thickness of tapered insulation will achieve compliance with building regulations.

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Our Products

+ Ultra Tapered EPS

For projects that require a bespoke tapered insulation solution then Ultra Tapered EPS can provide the ideal cost-effective answer.

+ Ultra Tapered Hybrid

Ultra Tapered Hybrid insulation offers the ultimate in flexibility for cut to falls insulation schemes.

+ Ultra Tapered PIR

The Ultra Tapered PIR board range provides excellent thermal performance to improve the energy efficiency of flat roofs.